MEET ME IN SPACE is Gokce Tercioglu’s new collection

It’s a whole new multi-dimension of forms and colors. When I first saw this technique called “marble art” aka Ebru, I was mesmerised by the accuracy to real marble with its natural patterns, textures and at the same time it also reminded me silk textile with bends, contrasts and shadows. 

Meet me in Space, transcending the Turkish art of Marbling
Gokce Tercioglu
Marble artist in her studio in Copenhagen

From the ancient art technique to the modern concept, what is the true meaning of marble art for you?

In my artworks, I keep the ancient art alive whilst finding ways to use its traditional tools to achieve outcomes other than the conventional, doing the undone. As someone who grew up in 8 countries, Turkish marble art is a way for me to keep in touch with my roots with complete freedom of merging my diverse background. My art is my forever life companion, my best friend, my child, my home, my therapist. 

Meet me in Space, transcending the Turkish art of Marbling

I remember you had your own “blue period” just like Picasso; what is means for you and what colors are you using now?

The colors I choose in my paintings represent a big deal about myself. In 2020, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try using more colors in my paintings. Despite owning everything colorful and hating wearing black or white, I found a very soothing feeling in using only blue in my art. It has been very comforting like it could never fail me. It represented calm, and relaxation which I felt I needed more in myself and in my life.

However as I am starting to find that in my daily life, the time has come for me to explore new colors and ideas in my art. I don't like to try the same thing I had done before, even if the result turned out exactly as I wished and I no longer have the painting. It needs to stay one and only, and exclusive to its new home. This year I feel drawn to purple; I think it has a lot to do with my relationship with myself which has gotten better than ever and surely purple feels sexy, daring and confident. It's vibrant and energetic!

Meet me in Space - Gokce Tercioglu

Future thoughts? What’s coming next?

At first when people looked at my art they could not understand what it was therefore it was important for me to emphasize that everything is handmade. Giving workshops was a great place for me to do that. I have been teaching this art for the past 3 years with the enthusiasm to gain recognition for intangible cultural heritage from Turkey, as well as introduce my art and myself as an artist. However, I will not be teaching anymore as I would like to have my full focus on big scale projects as well as expand my art into fashion and architecture.

Meet me in Space - Gokce Tercioglu

The Turkish art of Ebru (marbling)

Water and Earth are the main elements in this art. Every material used for it is gathered from nature. All paintings are created on water surface with handmade brushes out of horsehair bound to rose twigs, natural earth pigments, cattle gal and tragacanth. 

The Turkish art of Ebru (marbling) originated over 800 years ago in the Orient. For 8 years now, Gökçe has modified and used this technique to best suit her artistic need. All works of art created using this technique are unique and cannot be imitated. Marbling stylizes nature. We cannot see the same clouds, colors, patterns twice in the sky. With its similar unpredictable nature, marble art can awaken the same emotional experience as you get when you are immersed by natural scenery.

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Meet me in Space - Gokce Tercioglu
Meet me in Space - Gokce Tercioglu